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For 14 years Prof. Aage Stenseth was the head of the Norwegian institute of natural medicine, translated all basic literature of homeopathy and is the author and publisher of books (i.e. classical acupuncture for executioners). He works in the area of healthy nutrition since over 30 years and presents since more than 10 years with over 100 nutritional speeches yearly.

Profesor Aage Stenseth story:
“In the year 2009 I read an article published by NASA in which two employees reported how they successfully reduced weight and body fat thanks to an internal nutrition program.
The program was originally developed for astronauts to avoid a depressive state of mind in space.
I had had a long lasting illness in the past and thanks to that, numerous medicaments and a lot of extra pounds so I was looking for a good solution and decided to try this program.
After only 8 days I lost 8.8 lbs. with this program and was happy about the weight loss but my overall feeling was not that good. I felt immobilized sick and mostly was lacking energy. Sadly I gained that weight again. After thorough research I found out that this program was very popular in the US and was traded as an insider tip in Hollywood. I had a closer look at the program and figured very fast that it had big potential for improvement.
I altered the program with some own techniques and principals of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and optimized the cleansing phase with minerals and an optimized herbal tea. For the energy system and for strengthening the musculature he used a vitamin B complex and essential amino acids. These vitals and nutrients not only had to be of high quality and very effective but also had to have extraordinary characteristics. By using them the metabolism and the hormone level should be brought into balance. On the on hand I wanted to keep my weight after the reduction phase and also wanted to be able to engage in the social life and not always to be abstinent.
With this optimized program I lost 17.6 lbs. within 7 days and felt fit and active during the whole process. In the following weeks I reduced my weight by another 8.8 lbs., whereas my energy level was rising. The last 10 years I haven’t felt so active. In the 28 days also my blood work became better to the point where I could stop taking my high blood pressure medicine. My blood sugar and my cholesterol measures were now optimal and my HDL went from 1.4 to healthy 2.3.
In my personal environment the changes of my appearance and my new energy level didn’t go
unrecognized. Everyone wanted to try the program for themselves.
After less than 2 years, 10,000 happy users have developed only in Norway.
All the people were so enthused by the fact that with cellRESET no one had to pass on family reunions and parties any more. Even if I wasn’t disciplined one day, I added one or two more cellRESET days to balance it out again.” -Prof. Aage Stenseth

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